Amz Mystery Box For Sale, UNTESTED CUSTOMER RETURNS – Inventory in UNTESTED condition is inventory that has been sold to an end user and returned through a retail storefront, manufacturer, website and/or distribution center. No testing or repairs have been attempted in our facilities on the listed products.

Typically, UNTESTED CUSTOMER RETURN inventory has a 75% plug and play success rate. That means that “most likely” 75% of the product will be in working order. This is not a guarantee that 75% of the product functions, it is simply an estimate based on previous experience with this type of inventory.


The manifest will not be 100% accurate but is used as a representation of the overall contents of the pallet and should be used as a close guide. Contents of what is included according to the manifest will have a degree of variance. We do our best to provide the most accurate manifest possible but will not credit for missing/not matching manifests since product is sold “AS IS”. Amz Mystery Box For Sale


The package products are new.

AMZ SEALED MYSTERY BOX – ONLY 40 AVAILABLE! Are you ready for a little Mystery Box Fun!? These Mystery Boxes contains about 25-40 mystery items that may or may not include the following: Electronics, beauty products, toys, hairdryer, home goods, tools small home appliances, and other general merchandise. Our AMZ sealed mystery boxes make the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas grab bag, or resellers!

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